Author Pens Book to Empower Battered Women and Break the Silence Surrounding Domestic Violence

th-BLOOD RELATIVES[Vicki’s Note]: Guest post written by DARLENE GREENE–the president and founder of Ina Mae Greene Foundation. The foundation’s objective is to raise awareness about the atrocities of domestic violence and empower women through workshops, resources, and outreach services. Learn more at

Even though October marked National Domestic Violence Month, we think this post is something we all should be aware of.

Domestic violence affects women of every age group, race, religion, educational background and walk of life.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 women will be touched by Domestic Violence in her lifetime.

Though it primarily impacts women, Domestic Violence also victimizes men and children, in lower numbers comparatively.

To educate and empower women worldwide, author, Darlene Greene has penned a powerful book that serves as both a memoir and self-help book, entitled Blood Relatives.

When Domestic Violence hit home, (through multiple murders of family members), Greene felt compelled to write the book, and open the doors to Ina Mae Greene Foundation; serving hundreds of women in various capacities, since its inception.

IMGF is a Not for profit that provides crisis management, resources and outreach services to battered women in need of shelter, food, job placement, and a helping hand to start a new life.

Greene hopes that her efforts will break the cycle of silence surrounding domestic violence.

Because, “Domestic violence hurts everyone.”

Her new novel, Big Momma Didn’t Tell me This Would Happen is slated for publication in 2016.

To learn more, to help, or to order books visit her site at:

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