Hello Fear

Oh, I guess you didn’t know I was aware of you standing there. Let me tell you something. You have been around all of my life. Sometimes I felt I had no other choice than give in to you. Other times I would dodge your long reach.  I want you to know I have matured, and developed a surefire method for dealing with you. [Read more…]

Continue to Welcome Any Vision into Your Spirit

Have you examined your life to determine just what you want to achieve, or merely allowed yourself to drift from one event to another occurrence, just managing on the fly?

Do you take time to envision your future?

Will you have a successful career?

Do you seek a meaningful relationship that will grow and be fulfilling? [Read more…]

YOU Must be Your First Priority!

Whose needs, issues, and requests are you regularly serving?

Are your needs for calm, quiet, space to breath, and time to relax just behind those of your mate, your children, boss, coworker, or church member? Do you sometimes feel like a ticket taker at a carnival taking the next in line for this event, or that crisis, or need?

Ask yourself if you’re overloaded and you may be quick to answer no. If you answered no too quickly, the truth may be that you’ve become so accustomed to automatically accepting requests and finding answers, locating missing homework, shoes, and your mate’s favorite tie, that you just don’t see it for what it is. Because of course you’re a nurturer, the caretaker of the family, right? [Read more…]

Enlarge Your Range and Increase Your Spirit

Mature women have weathered a great number of tests and trials throughout life, bringing them to where they are today.  It’s just expected. There is no growth in a void of challenges, whether personal, with family or friends, or professionally. That’s a definite blessing and a benefit of life.

Life is guaranteed to teach, stress, and annoy you, as well as bring such joy that you may wonder if you even deserve. [Read more…]

Standing on Your Character

quote-Malcolm-X-if-you-dont-stand-for-something-you-25350Most everyone prefers a sunny day to a gloomy overcast or windy one. A bright, sunny day can easily be translated into fun; leisure, shopping, or hanging out with friends, maybe taking the kids to the park.

Can you remember as a child how much fun playing outdoors with friends, riding bikes, skating, laying on the grass laughing and laughing until you practically choked?

The memories come to mind as you remember those fun times. These are far from the gloomy, rainy, storming, or snowing days when you couldn’t play outside. [Read more…]

Author Pens Book to Empower Battered Women and Break the Silence Surrounding Domestic Violence

th-BLOOD RELATIVES[Vicki’s Note]: Guest post written by DARLENE GREENE–the president and founder of Ina Mae Greene Foundation. The foundation’s objective is to raise awareness about the atrocities of domestic violence and empower women through workshops, resources, and outreach services. Learn more at www.inamaegreene.org

Even though October marked National Domestic Violence Month, we think this post is something we all should be aware of.

[Read more…]

Living a B A L A N C E D Life

Are balanced lifeyou living a balanced life?

You may have asked yourself this question, but what answers have you given? Were you honest?

Do you really know what a balanced life includes? [Read more…]

Interview with Nonfiction Authors Association

NFAA logoI had a great time being interviewed by the Nonfiction Authors Association, and look forward to being their new Chapter Leader! Full interview can be accessed.

Introducing Local Chapter Leader Vicki Ward of Brentwood, California. Vicki is a happily retired Court Administrator, transitioned to a full time award winning editor, author, and publisher. The books she publish have a feminine gender focus on critical life issues that all women experience.

Nonfiction Authors Association: I’m New Chapter Leader (Brentwood)

NFAA logoAs a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association, I’ve attended their top notch Nonfiction Writers Conference–a virtual event for the past 5 years. Over two days, 10 dynamic and knowledgeable professionals instruct on a number of topics to publish, and promote nonfiction books. You can gain access to all this from the comfort of your own home.

NFAA Founder Stephanie Chandler began creating chapters across the country this year, and I’m pleased to announce that I’m the new Chapter Leader for Brentwood!

I decided to become a Chapter Leader because of what I’ve learned, and been able to apply to my publishing. My goal is to create a vibrant new hub of non-fiction authors who collaborate and become resources to each other as benefit from promotional and marketing information specific to nonfiction books.

I have written and published 5 nonfiction books, and learned marketing and promotion techniques from the Nonfiction Writers Conference. There is a growing demand for nonfiction books: how-to, memoir, fitness, history, self-development, cookbooks, and more.

See more of what we are all about, better yet, join our local meetup or one in nearest you.


Quiet the Noise

expertOn the drive to work, your radio may be tuned into a morning talk show where on any given day you’re fed a variety of how-to, self improvement experts. On Monday, it may be how to get the stress out of your life. On Tuesday, the resident expert has just the cure to eliminate sugar from your diet to improve your health. Wednesday brings a specialist who can change how your boss views you to increase your chances at being seen as a more valuable employee. [Read more…]