Protect Your Peace

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.53.04 PMThere is chatter everywhere. Sometimes it amounts to just plain chaos constantly circling above our heads. The news regularly reports another shooting, or seemingly senseless act of aggression committed on unsuspecting individuals. The world we live in is a troubled one. We have been on heightened awareness since the carnage reaped on September 11th. [Read more…]

Power and Fear

Audre-Lorde-in-front-of-a-007When I dare to be powerful, to use my strength in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” Audre Lorde

The words quoted above are by the African American poet, Audre Lorde. I had to admit I had heard the name but was not really familiar with Audre Lorde’s poetry, and in particular, this statement. When writing my first published book, Life’s Spices From Seasoned Sistahs, A Collection of Life Stories From Mature Women of Color, I received a submission with this statement under the writer’s signature line. [Read more…]


gratitudeAcknowledging a person and expressing thanks when someone has given you something is a normal and expected pleasantry in life. Restaurant servers appreciate hearing the words thank you after serving your meal. [Read more…]

Don’t Stop Believin’

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.36.04 PMBelief in yourself, as the rails on which your life travels. You have you. Just like you stood in line at the carnival ride eager and thrilled to get on, you were just a bit frightened. This was something new. You had never attempted riding on something that had such height and traveled as fast as this ride. Of course, your best buds were with you and you didn’t feel like enduring the days, months, and years of ribbing if you chickened out now. Argggh… you thought. What have I gotten myself into now? [Read more…]

Anything Worth Doing is Worth Doing Well

anything worth doingGrowing up, did your parents, a teacher, or another adult tell you that anything worth doing was worth doing well? Yeah, that struck a nerve, didn’t it? There’s no escaping the teaching and chidings that you often heard. You can’t forget them; they are woven into your soul. [Read more…]

Warrior Must Run

A Hawaiian Proverb states: “When one becomes a warrior, one must run.”

This proverb can quite simply describe the life of a woman, whether a women of color, a younger woman, or a mature woman. Historically, in many cultures, women’s lives have restricted either by law, custom, or common practice. Women in some cultures were considered property of their husbands and were bought and sold, married off with or without their consent, abused mentally, and physically, and denied common human pursuits such as an independent identity or access to basic or higher education. [Read more…]

Hello Fear

Oh, I guess you didn’t know I was aware of you standing there. Let me tell you something. You have been around all of my life. Sometimes I felt I had no other choice than give in to you. Other times I would dodge your long reach.  I want you to know I have matured, and developed a surefire method for dealing with you. [Read more…]

Continue to Welcome Any Vision into Your Spirit

Have you examined your life to determine just what you want to achieve, or merely allowed yourself to drift from one event to another occurrence, just managing on the fly?

Do you take time to envision your future?

Will you have a successful career?

Do you seek a meaningful relationship that will grow and be fulfilling? [Read more…]

YOU Must be Your First Priority!

Whose needs, issues, and requests are you regularly serving?

Are your needs for calm, quiet, space to breath, and time to relax just behind those of your mate, your children, boss, coworker, or church member? Do you sometimes feel like a ticket taker at a carnival taking the next in line for this event, or that crisis, or need?

Ask yourself if you’re overloaded and you may be quick to answer no. If you answered no too quickly, the truth may be that you’ve become so accustomed to automatically accepting requests and finding answers, locating missing homework, shoes, and your mate’s favorite tie, that you just don’t see it for what it is. Because of course you’re a nurturer, the caretaker of the family, right? [Read more…]

Enlarge Your Range and Increase Your Spirit

Mature women have weathered a great number of tests and trials throughout life, bringing them to where they are today.  It’s just expected. There is no growth in a void of challenges, whether personal, with family or friends, or professionally. That’s a definite blessing and a benefit of life.

Life is guaranteed to teach, stress, and annoy you, as well as bring such joy that you may wonder if you even deserve. [Read more…]