Choices and Decisions, Looking Back 60 Years

choicesYour life, just like every other mature adult’s, has been a maze of choices and decisions from birth until now. Whether you believe in God or not, you may have found that you’re not always in control of life. Oh sure, you may have landed good jobs, found a compatible life mate, and just maybe you raised some successfully kids who gave you some beautiful grand kids. [Read more…]

KARMA—Your Destiny, or Fate

Dyer_Karma-297x300How cause and effect works in your life

Karma, what is it you ask? Do you believe in it? Some may come to an understanding through Indian religion, others may have been raised to believe that doing good deeds will bring good into your life. [Read more…]

Carrying the Load

women loadsIt’s not the load that breaks you down; it’s the way you carry it. —Lena Horne

We all have loads to bear. We’ve read about the heavy burdens many had to carry throughout history. Your mother told you, and don’t forget the sage old advice spoken by your grandmother: [Read more…]

Supercharge Your Life After 60, 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade!

supercharge your lifeYou’ve seen some older folks in your neighborhood, maybe in your apartment building and probably have some in your own family. Some just move slowly; you sigh impatiently as you wait behind them at the checkout line.

[Read more…]

Comfort is Overrated

reclinerDoesn’t it feel great kicking back in your comfortable chair, or on the sofa? Your bed is another story. You returned 3 mattresses before this one, and now get the best night’s sleep ever. It’s also the perfect place to snuggle up on rainy days, watching movies or catching up on your reading. [Read more…]

The Day I Kicked the Superwoman Out (Part 2)

superwomanContinued from Part 1…

Finally, I will tell the reason for the chaos. She, the superwoman had been running my house, my life, my children’s lives, my husband, my boss and so many others that I made the mistake of believing she was me, or I was her…don’t know which is worse, or which is correct. See just how confused I am? I had grown so accustomed to tackling multiple things all the time I had actually lost myself. [Read more…]

The Day I Kicked the Superwoman Out (Part 1)

superwomanYes, I ordered her out of my house, and it was high time I did. She had taken up residence in my house for far too long. She was answering my phone, paying my bills, watching my TV shows, cooking for my family, and I even found her in my bath tub soaking her tush too many times to count. [Read more…]

Just Enjoy the Groove Right in the Middle

bathroom mirrorDo you find yourself going through your day, filling it with complaints about people, work, or the world in general? Does your best friend join in where your voice trails off singing the 2nd verse of the same song? [Read more…]

Replenish (Part 3): 12 Positive Ways to Renew Your Spirit

replenishSome days you’re up and some days you’re down. And on some very “special” days you go back and forth between the two like an out of control yo-yo. We all know that meditation can be effective in helping to relieve stress and anxiety as well as providing a grounding point that can act as your own personal retreat. [Read more…]

Replenish (Part 2)

replenishContinued from Part 1

Ahhh….. The Body

Do you awaken most mornings feeling rested or tired, as though you hadn’t been to bed at all? Do you sometimes have difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep all night? Do you find it difficult to settle down and drift off to sleep because your brain is still engaged and running on all cylinders? [Read more…]