Continue to Welcome Any Vision into Your Spirit

Have you examined your life to determine just what you want to achieve, or merely allowed yourself to drift from one event to another occurrence, just managing on the fly?

Do you take time to envision your future?

Will you have a successful career?

Do you seek a meaningful relationship that will grow and be fulfilling?

What about thoughts of family? Have you considered how children would fit into your future? You look up and again, life has thrown another curve ball, and yes, you managed to duck just in time to avoid being struck in the head. You are not left without some wounds and lingering pain. You seek more; pray for increase, and bargain with God repeating what more you’ll do, if He will just take you safely through another trial. Here’s a tip. Positive growth does not occur by chance. Since this life is all you know, you must learn to take advantage of opportunities that come your way, as well as learning how to encourage new opportunities.

Learn to trust your instincts.

If a situation appears to be negative or puts you in a defensive position listen to what you feel. Resist the impulse to strike back. Take time to analyze and evaluate the situation.Your thought out assessment will allow you to respond appropriately—not in a defensive manner, but from an informed position, a place for intentional growth. Incorporate what your learned. Place the net worth of the experience in the growth column. Maya Angelou is quoted as saying, “Continue to welcome any vision which comes to enlarge your range and increase your spirit.”

If you learn to operate under new rules and remain open to learning new strategies for life, you will be doing exactly that, and your future may come into view.

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