Enlarge Your Range and Increase Your Spirit

Mature women have weathered a great number of tests and trials throughout life, bringing them to where they are today.  It’s just expected. There is no growth in a void of challenges, whether personal, with family or friends, or professionally. That’s a definite blessing and a benefit of life.

Life is guaranteed to teach, stress, and annoy you, as well as bring such joy that you may wonder if you even deserve.

There is a see-saw factor in life sending your emotions soaring with joy and surprise, and dropping faster than a big rock in times of distress. Try as you might, you can never be prepared for the next “thing” that may happen.

Often, you were thrown into that familiar fight or flight mode, wondering what now? Yet experience became your friend, and as you matured, you adopted coping tools and trouble-shooting methods that saw you safely through another of life’s changes (and wiser for it). Now mature, with many successful challenges and changes met, you’re a veteran at coping. You can chart a path in reverse order to your younger self, when you wondered why these things just kept on happening to you.

Some would call this a testimony to enduring life. How else could you have developed those flexing muscles and the awesome side stepping footwork? With a mindset geared toward success, your senses are aligned to teach, build character, and define you. You wouldn’t have gotten past those who continued to push your buttons, yet you just smile and persevere.

No one is immune to the tests and trials of life, and though unwelcomed, you are not that naïve, young woman you once were; and you can now welcome life’s challenges that deepen your understanding for all that life will bring. Maya Angelou said it best, “Continue to welcome any vision which comes to enlarge your range and increase your spirit.”

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