Hello Fear

Oh, I guess you didn’t know I was aware of you standing there. Let me tell you something. You have been around all of my life. Sometimes I felt I had no other choice than give in to you. Other times I would dodge your long reach.  I want you to know I have matured, and developed a surefire method for dealing with you.

Your presence used to make it impossible for me to accomplish personal goals too many times in the past. I denied myself some pleasures because I saw you as larger than life—always stepping on my will, throwing obstacles in my path. I stopped trying to achieve new goals. Stopped trying to begin something new; consumed by what might, could, or probably would happen to ruin it. Defeat literally had rented a room in my life.

Forgive my festive new nature, but I can’t contain my excitement. I am serving you with an immediate notice of eviction. No longer will I cower when given a new assignment or when faced with a difficult decision. Through prayer, and tears, and long conversations with grandma, I recognize my will, my strength, and my faith and have harnessed them to silence you.

I am more encouraged now, and remember plans I never attempted, defeated before I could ever start. I will shut out the noise of anyone around me who attempts to do your bidding. Your deceptions have been cancelled and future attacks will be blocked like unwanted computer spam, no matter what form they take. Oh, I anticipate you will keep trying, but it will be for nothing. Just know this, I am stronger now, and do not fight my battles alone; know that “no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

I take that literally, and so should you!

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