Holding Back-An Excerpt from “Life Spices” By Estelle Farley



I don’t have the strength:

to shave my legs

be funny and charming

show interest in contact sports


pretend to eat salads ALL the time

shop for sexy lingerie

make sure I don’t wear the same outfit twice

agonize over my shapely shortcomings

get a background check

condom shop

do my muscle-tensing exercises–hourly

hide my PMS symptoms

hold my farts

sleep in the wet spot

try not to snore


angle our conversations,

so you only see my best side



  1. Dedric Anderson (Van) says:

    Hey Snoopy. How are you? Long time no hear. Here in Oklahoma City and was wondering how you were. Ran across a pic of us years ago at Fisk. Anyway, would love to catch up with you and check out some of your work. Looks interesting. 405-501-5758.

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