Living a B A L A N C E D Life

Are balanced lifeyou living a balanced life?

You may have asked yourself this question, but what answers have you given? Were you honest?

Do you really know what a balanced life includes?

Now, there may be different ways to answer this question. You may reflect on your associations with others, managing or attending to the needs of family, or perhaps it would include being a better spouse, creating a better work life, or deepening your spiritual commitment.

You are a gift to yourself, your family, and to the world. You are unique and must value yourself as such. Often we allow our value or self-worth to be determined or damaged by someone else’s opinion as to whether you performed in a certain way, or supported their decision on a matter.

The B A L A N C E D life you seek can be yours depending upon how you view yourself and by your interactions with others, but never allow anyone to determine it for you. Try viewing your Life Balance by higher standards:

Beautiful—you are beautifully created in God’s image; from your body to your spirit. No human standards apply here.

Artisticeveryone is gifted with artistic talent; painting, playing instruments, singing, dancing, sewing, acting, speaking, counseling, writing and more…find yours and develop it.

Loved and Lovingall are loved by God and you are capable of loving others. Life may have shown you little but you have the God-given capacity to love yourself, and to love others.

Anchoreda boat not securely anchored will be tossed by every storm and may drift away. Anchor yourself to positive and valuable people and ideals; doing so could change your life.

NecessaryGod does not make mistakes. You are here for a purpose, do your work to find it and excel init.

Compassionateto err is human, to forgive divine. Have compassion for others as you would want for yourself.

Emotionalyour life events are interwoven with your emotions. Control them and allow them to guide you to your life’s purpose.

Deservingno one can deny your destiny, and you will have what you deserve, not someone else’s idea. Determine to know yourself.

Pin this to your wall to refresh yourself on just how important it is for you to live a B A L A N C E D LIFE.

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