Quiet the Noise

expertOn the drive to work, your radio may be tuned into a morning talk show where on any given day you’re fed a variety of how-to, self improvement experts. On Monday, it may be how to get the stress out of your life. On Tuesday, the resident expert has just the cure to eliminate sugar from your diet to improve your health. Wednesday brings a specialist who can change how your boss views you to increase your chances at being seen as a more valuable employee.

By Thursday, you’re exhausted with the daily experts; except this day features a way to improve your love life by employing 5 simple principles. With or without your partner’s awareness, you can implement changes in your relationship to instantly make it better for you both.

Newsflash! None of the suggested tips will be successful if your mind is cluttered with the noise of your life. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to learn to quiet the noise in your head.

This noise could be your significant other making requests or demands of you. It is a list of incomplete tasks on your crowded to-do list. Do you have children? Their noise may include “mama, he / she socked me,” or “mama where are my favorite shoes?” “I need you to have this permission request for a field trip tomorrow, and we have to bring a lunch. I don’t like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches anymore.” Drop in requests, or scolding, from parents, and your siblings, and the picture is complete.

Recognize that no substantial, effective nor sustained change can occur if you do not quiet the noise in your head. Life is most definitely a roller coaster, and from day to day, the challenges can become almost overwhelming. Listening to the talk radio experts was a great motivator, but a look back at your history will remind you of past failures you suffered when trying to make major changes in your life. The biggest obstacle was not your desire to make the change, but the state of your mind when you attempted to implement new habits.

You have the power to change your situation. Examine yourself, your motives, your commitment and expectations. Are you ready to do the work? Through quiet time you gain a personal perspective that is your beacon; it will guide you on your journey to what your truly want.

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