YOU Must be Your First Priority!

Whose needs, issues, and requests are you regularly serving?

Are your needs for calm, quiet, space to breath, and time to relax just behind those of your mate, your children, boss, coworker, or church member? Do you sometimes feel like a ticket taker at a carnival taking the next in line for this event, or that crisis, or need?

Ask yourself if you’re overloaded and you may be quick to answer no. If you answered no too quickly, the truth may be that you’ve become so accustomed to automatically accepting requests and finding answers, locating missing homework, shoes, and your mate’s favorite tie, that you just don’t see it for what it is. Because of course you’re a nurturer, the caretaker of the family, right?

In doing this not only are you not first, you have completely fallen off the priority list.

Women are natural nurturers, the family peace makers, and a neutral zone others seek help from. With all the negotiating, juggling, and problem solving, you operate on autopilot; fielding questions, making appointments, managing things for others who have a wide array of needs, and handling few of your own.

Call a time out; it’s time for a change of play! This cannot continue without your burning out.

It’s time for each family member, fellow church members, coworker, and others to assume responsibility for their own needs, to step up and solve their own crises, and allow you to take back what you had long ago given up being; your first person priority. No, the changes won’t be easy to maintain, but stay strong sistah, it is for their growth but so much more, it is for your well-being!


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