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mbrSupercharge Your Life After 60! 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade covers such critical and universal life changes include retirement, drawing pensions, financial changes, Medicare, aging bodies, health challenges, and creating new life goals. Aging parents often require assistance or nursing care. Adult children may seek financial or housing assistance. Supercharge Your Life After 60! is the ideal ‘go to’ guide for anyone managing the lives of aging parents. Simply stated, Supercharge Your Life After 60! 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade should be a part of every senior citizen center, community, and academic library collections — as well as the personal reading list of anyone and everyone over the age of 60!”

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The concept of Supercharge Your Life After 60: 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade gels the instant you see these beautiful, mature women riding Harleys under the World-famous Golden Gate Bridge. You’re intrigued–smiling and wanting to know what they’re all about.

supercharge your lifeSupercharge Your Life After 60
 is the ideal travel companion to navigate your 6th decade. The subtitle issues (and delivers) an enticing promise: a guide to educate and equip you to successfully navigate life challenges just ahead. You’ve completed goals, met challenges, celebrated milestones, successes, and shared losses. The decade from ages 60 to 70 promises to be a definite game changer. The truth is you will experience more significant life-altering challenges during this 10 year span than the sum experienced in your previous 60 years!

Significant changes will occur in income and lifestyle. Entering retirement can be an unsettling time as most retirees have not done their homework and successfully prepared. Financial and lifestyle decisions are impacted by reduced income, and possibly downsizing into a more affordable residence.  Medical challenges and decisions on health care loom.

Supercharge Your Life After 60: 10 Tips to Navigate a Dynamic Decade provides information to help you prepare for this decade through vital information on achieving life balance–financially, medically and emotionally–as you age. With the medical and technological advances available, living longer prosperous and productive lives is a greater reality.


I’m Vicki Ward a seasoned sistah who views life from a mature perspective. I have experienced many of the emotional arcs, joys, and challenges that occur in the lives of women from a pre-teen through puberty, young adult middle age and beyond. I have also engaged in dialog with many women through surveys and research I can speak to what’s important in their lives. I understand their changing lives, joys, desires, hopes and fears. My two award-winning anthologies championed women’s strengths, their support of each other, how they bond with another, becoming resilient and empowered.

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Women of Color Conference at University of California, Berkeley

Women of Color Conference at University of California, Berkeley

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