You Loved Playing in the Rain


But now, can you handle the MUD?

Children seem to have always enjoyed playing in the rain. Mothers couldn’t stop it, so they made sure their kids had their rain boots on to splash in and jump over sitting water and mud puddles. You remember how your jaw ached from yelling and laughing. You laughed at yourself, at how high the water splashed after jumping in with both feet. 

You doubled over laughing at the misses and near misses into the next puddle or at how your siblings or friends fared jumping and missing the same hurdles. Remembrances of the carefree days of your youth don’t come often, but can be triggered by something that happens in your life today.

Today you find yourself in a bad situation that you created. Looking back, you realized you either created it or were complicit in getting to this point. Remember when you were so lonely, you thought you would just die. Your friends were coupled, and you had grown accustomed to being a solo friend. Then something changed, and you met someone who looked like fun. The two of you shared “playing in the rain,” as a new couple, and it seemed like maybe this was something you could count on for the long haul.

Initially, you dismissed the signals that the two of you were no longer playing in the rain; it had become muddy, and you didn’t know what to do. Well, you really did, but thought you could “change” him. One night you couldn’t get to sleep, but you heard your grandmother’s words clearly, “Gal you cain’t change no body that don’t want to be changed. It ain’t always easy, but now you gotta git your own self out of the mud. Lay your feelins’ to the side, and use your good sense. You gonna be alright.”

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