Life’s Dressing Room

Women are painfully familiar with department store dressing rooms. You know the place that’s about 4 x 6 feet and can only comfortably fit one person.

In this space you bare all that is personal, and private: your body.

Here you strip down to your underwear for the routine dressing and re-dressing. You suck in your breath to zip up the pants, adjust your bra for a better fit, then reach for the exact same item on the hook, because you brought that (arggg) larger size just in case the smaller one didn’t fit.

Your emotional gauge has been tested to its limit as you beam with approval at how an outfit makes you look and feel. Your heart sank when those favored pants would not fit, no matter how much you sucked in your breath, damn.

Now, see yourself in this scene, and you can easily imagine a small snapshot of your life revealed from that always large, always revealing everything mirror in the dressing room. Though uncomfortable, it’s no stretch of the imagination to view your life through these critical scenes played out in dressing rooms.

You want what you are attracted to, what looks good to you. Those same emotions fuel your favor and dislike for jobs, lovers, co-workers, and more. You want what the heart wants.

Trouble begins brewing when your type, or style has proven again and again to not be for you… yet you get caught up in emotions, but I really like him, even after he disrespects you again and again. “But I really like that dress,” though you have to constantly adjust the too tight or too short size you purchased.

Everyone has a type we focus on, that we’re attracted to—whether its men, friends, or clothes, jobs, and so much more. We want what we want, and believe we can instantly make the necessary adjustments to smooth out the wrinkles, make the seams straighten, and go through the motions making excuses and allowances just to get what we believe we want. Sometimes what you really want in your life just won’t fit.

You’ll have to learn to make the decision sooner, for the sake of your peace of mind to leave it on the hook in the dressing room, and walk away; adhering to the old saying, To thine own self be true!

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