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Each day seasoned sistahs are provided a new beginning

Seasoned Sistahs Speak

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Welcome to the Seasoned Sistahs Speak Blog!


Pull up a “virtual chair” and let‘s get acquainted with our re-launch.

We’re here to become a place where all sistahs, yes you younger sistahs, middle aged sistahs, and maturing seasoned sistahs come to share knowledge, to talk things out, listen to the sistahhood, to gather information, and to sample life. This is that sistah-circle you’ve heard about; that gathering place where women of many cultures have found themselves, at a sistah’s house, in another’s kitchen, maybe in someone’s back yard, or maybe down at the church on Saturday morning.

A sistah-circle is a gathering our ‘fore-sistahs’ created; a time and place where they met to just be, to connect, maybe just for their own sanity. You’ll think of this as the soft landing place. It is important to know that what you think, what you do, and how you feel matters.

Your thoughts, struggles, emotions, “growing pains” and viewpoints are mental stimulators that encourage deeper thought, collective problem solving, and opportunities for bonding and support, as we work out the cycles of life that we will all ultimately experience.

Your mothers knew of emotional havens like this. They may have met on a regular schedule, or only when one sistah called another and said “sis, I need to talk.” She may have then sent an “S.O.S“. to another sistah, who spoke this to two of her friends, who told their neighbor to come join the group, and before you knew it, they had assembled a sistah-circle: a welcoming, safe, and supportive group of like-minded women, complete with the comfort foods they could grab or cook before heading out the door.

In celebration of the sistah-circle, we take this opportunity to announce More of Life’s Spices, Seasoned Sistahs Keepin’ it Real- our 2nd volume of dynamic real stories from women just like you, sharing their life experiences; from the jaw dropping trials, the joyful times, and life crushing events, and so many of the other defining events that occur in the lives of women everywhere, every day.  We will be featuring many of the stories from this stellar collection and encourage you sistahs to weigh in on subjects close to your hearts, your families, your wallets and your homes.

More of Life’s Spices, Seasoned Sistahs Keepin’ it Real hit bookstore shelves earlier, to a waiting audience of readers. We will post stories and encourage dialog in our sistah-circle. We want to know what you think. Your comments may be about how a sistah’s journey mirrored your own, or you might share what you learned from how a sistah managed a life crisis. We encourage you to share Seasoned Sistahs Speak with your sistah friends and kin.

Remember we are all in this together, that no sistah experiences life in a void, and it’s not a “misery loves company” thing; it is the realization that life for all women cycles around over and over again. What was it your grandma often said…”there’s nothing new under the sun.” Well guess what? She was right, girlfriend!

Let‘s draw from each other wisdom and healing to continue our journey.

“There is strength in numbers.”

Read a selection from More of Life’s Spices, Seasoned Sistahs Keepin’ It Real below. Share how it makes you feel.




Lo Gig

 his game

a lo gig

sleeps with me

behind closed doors



deliberate steps

ahead in public

once a brick house beauty

I suck back tears

remember tender youth

pour my brittle heart

into his arms   frigid   insincere



gives me bad sex   quick   painful

cops a crude dime and whine

for rent and cash

dines and wines another


thinks me

dumb and desperate

I  feel

dumb and desperate


bite my tongue as he

bites in his talk

until need rises



sweet in his beg

a gigolo

who belittles

and strikes

deathing blows

to my generous


closing hand




  1. I would be lost without my sisters! After my divorce 14 years ago, I found a huge community of amazing women out there in the world. I am active in the Women’s National Book Association and other writer groups, and have found amazing support and friendships through volunteering. I love your topics Vicki. I wish a fellow sistah all the best with your website! It is great to see you blogging. You go girl.

  2. I think women are the most powerful, special and divine creatures on earth and some of the best and meaningful times of my life have been spent in the company of my sister friends. There is nothing quite like the society of womanhood that nurtures, protects, grooms and loves with so much passion and distinction.

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