Don’t Stop Believin’

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 1.36.04 PMBelief in yourself, as the rails on which your life travels. You have you. Just like you stood in line at the carnival ride eager and thrilled to get on, you were just a bit frightened. This was something new. You had never attempted riding on something that had such height and traveled as fast as this ride. Of course, your best buds were with you and you didn’t feel like enduring the days, months, and years of ribbing if you chickened out now. Argggh… you thought. What have I gotten myself into now?You have no way of knowing that everyone at some point in their lives has wavered in their belief that they could accomplish something. You hear it described as being common, yet most people have rigid walls that shield their true feelings. They remain hidden, boastful sometimes, yet their fear may often mirror the intensity of your own.

You owe it to those who believed. A parent is one who may have first helped to nurture that belief as she held onto that bicycle seat again and again urging you to believe you could ride that two wheeler without training wheels. Yes, you only rode your bike for three feet the first time. To you, it was frightening and tortuous, yet her words were all you could hear as she whispered again, you can do it. After what seemed like forever, you found refuge in her words. She believed you could, and you finally had to stop thinking she was wrong. As she continued to hold onto that seat and repeat the words you can do it until…

The feeling was indescribable. You did it! You rode your bike farther than you ever had before, and were so excited you almost forgot to stop at the end of the street. Your face held the biggest smile ever. Mom had been your cheerleader; your director of self discovery. She took well to this job to nurture raw energy, and curiosity, continuing to plant your feet on the paths of adventure, and of the unknown.

Over a lifetime of highs, lows, disappointments, and struggles, remember to believe in yourself because you are the very first person whose goals and desires matter to you. If you do not believe, you simply will not achieve! Block out negativity from all sources. Center yourself through meditation, prayer, yoga, or whatever works. Your belief in self is everything. After all, you’re the lead actor in the story of your life.

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